Small Group Street Photography Weekend Workshop Adventures


Learn the elements of what make a great street photograph

Join me on a weekend adventure exploring a street-genic city in Europe with a bunch of like-minded photographers.

I'll teach you as much as I can fit in and set you challenging yet achievable street photography assignments. I'll give you the lowdown on how to tackle the assignments depending on your level of experience. You'll also get a sightseeing itinerary, and fun group meals making the whole experience such a sociable, memorable and educational affair!


Weekenders take place over a 48 hour period across three days (an afternoon, a full day and a morning).



Small Friendly Groups

Group sizes average out at 10 participants plus the Boss, but could be a bit less, could be a bit more - so that it's not too crowded and we get great group dynamics and banter when we're hanging out on the street during briefings and at meal times.


Small Friendly Boss

I'm not very tall, but that doesn't stop me being bossy, but it does encourage me to banter with tall people. I'm a former travel tour leader as well as an experienced photographer, photography teacher, and award-winning street photographer.


Large Amounts of Photography

Aside from learning loads you'll be going home with bulging SD cards, sprained shutter fingers and aching feet. But you'll have some great memories as well as great pictures plus a new friend or two.


You, me, and a bunch of street-photography-loving renegades.

YOU love street photography and you love to travel. You may already be a street photographer or you want to learn. You have a sense of humour and a sense of adventure. You don't mind being bossed around a bit, but you enjoy your autonomy. You have a camera, lots of energy, strong legs (or the ability to pace yourself) and at least one good eye!

ME, I'm Polly. I'm the Boss at the Department of Street Photography and your Weekender host. I have many years of experience in the travel industry prior to becoming a photographer. In that time I spent 5 years travelling the world as a tour leader for an award-winning adventure travel company. I still have the travel bug and I love teaching street photography in European cities. 


📸  How to set yourself up for success with the right mindset
📸  Ways of "working the scene"
📸  How to read the street and think like a street photographer
📸  How to "make something out of nothing"
📸  The keys to ambiguity and mystery
📸  Dos and don'ts of framing and cropping
📸  Things to look out for to create context and connections
📸  How to tell a story (or multiple stories) with a single shot
📸  The blueprint for a great photo
📸  An introduction to the gestalt principles of visual perception
📸  How to approach crowded places in multiple creative ways
📸  What to avoid and keep an eye on when shooting
📸  Ways to structure your images compositionally
📸  And more...

I don't hold anything back, and if you join a Weekender with an event I'll teach you how to shoot events like a street photographer not an event photographer!


🚨 What I DON'T do is stand a whole group in one spot and tell you what to photograph. Instead I share ideas, inspiration, tips, and tools so whatever image you capture is all yours. Learning takes trial and error, and getting good takes practice. And all of that leads to a true sense of satisfaction when you nail a shot!




Street Photography Workshop

Briefed on the street (classrooms are so last season) all assignments have been created to build on one another helping train your observation, composition, imagination, mindset, and approachAssignments are adaptable to different levels of experience.

 Heads up… you’ll be able to upgrade to get post-weekender feedback on your photos!


City Sightseeing Itinerary

Designed with military precision (many spreadsheets have been sacrificed in the making of these adventures) showcasing the variety of the city at optimum (as possible) light conditions for photography (no actual historical facts tho!). Our feet or public transport take us from spot to spot.



Group Restaurant Bookings  

Curated to include cool eateries, local family restaurants or hip pizza joints for a variety of cuisine for maximum holiday-with-friends vibes. If there a street food markets that’s where we’ll be heading for lunch! Special diets are considered but choice might be limited. 



⭐️ Pre-departure PDF Survival Guide with arrival logistics and other handy intel

⭐️ Chance to upgrade to post-Weekender photo feedback at a special rate

⭐️ Post-Weekender PDF Guide to selecting and editing photos

⭐️ Discounts and special offers on future Weekender bookings

⭐️ Advance VIP access to registration on future Weekenders

⭐️ Invitation to join Street Social — The DoSP's private Facebook group

⭐️ The very best photos get showcased in the DoSP website Gallery with your IG handle

⭐️ Competition for the best set of photos with public adoration for the Winner


In a photogenic European city with plenty of variety and activity perfect for street photography. Previous Weekenders have taken place in Gdańsk, Prague, Seville, Cádiz + Jerez, Porto, Lisbon, Kraków, Valencia, and Rome.


Whenever the weather is most likely to be the best*. And sometimes when there are traditional festivals cos we ruddy love those! (*weather is of course unpredictable but it's all part of the adventure and becomes a new fun challenge!)


You'll learn how to make better photos, you'll have saved yourself many hours of itinerary and restaurant research and planning AND you’ll have a great time with new friends! But don't take my word for it...  ⬇️

© Laura Roycroft, Gdańsk Weekender

© Eric Chan, Jerez Weekender

© Phil Dignum, Seville Weekender

All Photos made on previous Weekender by participants.


Select a payment option that suits you. Once you hit the button you'll be transported to the check-out page where you will be able to upgrade to a post-weekender Written Portfolio Review and pay securely via Stripe. You'll get an email confirmation along with a link to a short questionnaire and all the intel you need to start planning your trip.

📸 2024 Weekend Workshops


Choose your street photography adventure!
two men in hats behind a foreground of a horses back at feria del caballo jerez de la frontera spain

Split Weekender 2024

🚀 Sat 07 - Mon 09 Sep

This Croatian adventure includes old squares, patchworks of architecture from different eras, a beautiful waterfront promenade, maybe some burek pastry and rakia, Game-of-Thrones style palaces, and markets, plus a side trip to the cutest Medieval small island town of Trogir. 

£350 per person 


two men in hats behind a foreground of a horses back at feria del caballo jerez de la frontera spain

Florence Weekender 2024

🚀 Sat 05 - Mon 07 Oct

This Italian adventure includes magnificent palaces, a spectacular cathedral, piazzas on piazzas, a world-famous bridge, and lots of tourists moving in packs. And delicious pasta and refreshing gelato washed down with sightings of Michelangelo's David! (Extend your stay by one day to see the Festa di Santa Reparata

£350 per person 

Subscription plan — 5 x Payments of £75  

(SAVE £25 if you pay-in-full )

⚡️⚡️SOLD OUT⚡️⚡️

group of six photographers posing for fun with cameras on steps

Private Groups

⭐️ Choose where you go, who you go with + when! 

Are you a camera club, a bunch for photography lovin' friends and fam, or do you just want a more private experience with a small select group? Get in touch and we can chat further... You can choose from Gdansk, Prague, Krakow, Rome, Porto, Lisbon, Seville, Valencia, Warsaw. [Pricing is per group]

From £2700 per group
(2-13 street photographers + me!)



© Kat Saradinova, Porto Weekender

© Carl Glancey, Seville Weekender

© Bettina Brunswig, Lisbon Weekender

All Photos made on previous Weekender by participants.

In case you have questions, I have answers...