A very short story about the Department of Street Photography

Once upon a time there was an aspiring photographer called Polly who worked in the travel industry. Once day the urge to make pictures became too strong and Polly left her career behind and begin to carve her path in the photography world. First came a humble street photography meet up group called Street Club, then the first client commissions for portrait photography came in and Polly was off! Next up she built The Photo Weekender, which saw her take small groups of street photographers on street photography adventure workshops in European cities. The Photo Weekender had a very long snooze during the dark time of you-know-what, which was when Polly came up the idea of the Department of Street Photography. She began by creating The Street Photography Playbook, and is in her laboratory cooking more online resources and digital mini courses, as well as hosting workshops, photo chats, and mini workshops, not to mention very much looking forward to Weekendering in Europe again!


Who am I? I often ask myself this question... Hello, My name is Polly Rusyn — I'm the creator of the Department of Street Photography. I’m a pro-photographer. My work has been awarded and exhibited internationally at a number of street photography festivals, and published in magazines such as Eyeshot and Nat Geo Traveller UK. I have also given talks about street photography at the Nat Geo Traveller Masterclasses in London. I’m a Fujifilm Ambassador (AKA Official Fujifilm X-Photographer), one of a 100 women featured in the first ever “Women Street Photographers” book (curated by Gulnara Samoilova, published 2021), and I have also contributed to "The Travel Photographer's Way" (a Bradt travel guide by Nori Jemil, published 2021). I was also a Finalist in the Series Category at the London Street Photography Festival (LSPF) 2021. I watch Brooklyn 99 on repeat, and might have a cheese addiction…. 

Find out more about my approach to street photography by reading my interview with UP Photographers below or take a side trip to check out my portfolio — make sure you come back though!