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Street Photography Composition: Transform Your Photography Using Science

This self-paced online course will change your photography forever... (it's true) 

As a self-proclaimed geek, I have always been fascinated by understanding how things work, including photography. Instead of focusing on technicalities (yawn), I delved into the reasons why some photographs work while others not-so-much.

By studying the work of renowned photographers and researching psychology, I was able to improve my own street photography. While street photography may be considered an art, I aim to teach you the science of composition based on how our brains process visual information. Curious? I hope so!


Here's what you will learn:


The formula for a great street photograph


How to apply the Gestalt Principles to massively improve your photography


The filter in your brain that can be programmed to fine-tune your observation


Understand the power of your frame and how to use it wisely


How using shapes and geometry play a key role in photographic composition


How to take intriguing photographs with and without people


four silhouettes of men in hats on horseback in the background with a woman in a polkadot spanish flamenco gypsy dress in the foreground and a white horse in the centre looking at the camera with a rider in a pink shirt and brimmed hat

Watch the short intro video now!  👉🏼

Yes, the intro has my face and everything. However, so there are no surprises, you should know that the rest of the course is made of slides and voice-over so you'll get a LOT of photo examples to help you with your assignments.


Inside the course before delving into the science, I'll begin by sharing my secret formula for a great street photo. You'll get a straightforward framework to apply to your own work, whether during the shooting process or afterward while selecting your best shots. The first lesson is the most extensive one, as it will provide you with a solid foundation for the remainder of the course.

This course is for anyone who possesses curiosity, a desire to create, and a camera (which can be an iPhone). While it is aimed at street photographers who are starting out, shooters of all skill levels can enjoy experimenting with the principles and concepts I will present, because these are things that are not the "usual" thing you get taught as a street photographer.

As a result, you'll begin to view, consider, and compose the world in new and exciting ways, and your confidence in your own creativity will grow and grow!

I love discovering the science behind things, I believe everything is learnable (especially with a framework), and practice is everything.
four silhouettes of men in hats on horseback in the background with a woman in a polkadot spanish flamenco gypsy dress in the foreground and a white horse in the centre looking at the camera with a rider in a pink shirt and brimmed hat

All my photos were shot using Fujifilm XT-2 with a 23mm f2 Fujinon lens, or with a Fujifilm X100V, and processed in Adobe Lightroom. 



Lesson 01: Ideas, a Blueprint, and Mindset 

The Secret Formula and some mindset shifting

Lesson 02: Introduction to Gestalt Theory

Three men in white coats and the Principle of Symmetry

Lesson 03: Subject Separation and Proximity

The Gestalt Principles of Separation and Proximity, and the power of the frame

Lesson 04: Using Similarity and Repetition

A magnificent brain filter and the Gestalt Principles of Similarity and Repetition

Lesson 05: The Principle of Closure 

The magic of the triangle, and other shapes!

Lesson 06: Two-Dimensional Seeing

The Gestalt Principle of Continuity and street photography without people

Total viewing time: approx 40 minutes

I'll let the reviews do the talking! 🎉


To get the most out of the course get your hands on the COURSE + FEEDBACK option. You can still get a lot from the course without the feedback but it's the constructive criticism that's going to speed up your progress.



One-time payment

Take the course at your own pace and receive invaluable constructive criticism of your photos relevant to the specific lesson as well as notes on other important things to think about and apply to your photography. Feedback is via email after each assignment.

  • 6 Lessons
  • 6 Assignments
  • Constructive feedback notes after each lesson via email (1-3 images per assignment / up to 18 photos reviewed)


NOTE: Prices fluctuate as they are dictated by each site. There is no feedback option INCLUDED.

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This class does not teach you the basics of street photography practice but you can get an introduction to that in this free guide.

I have a preference for sunny day photography, although some flat light photos are included as examples in the class. However, assignments are achievable in all lighting conditions.