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The Photo Composition Playbook


⭐️ Learn how to compose your street photos with access to rules, tools + hacks on your mobile phone! ⭐️

Here's a quick summary of all the awesome photo composition resources you get:

🚀 Lifetime access to The Photo Composition Playbook

No need to carry a big old paper book around or hunt for that PDF eBook you file somewhere. Your playbook is designed to be viewed on a mobile device (either via a browser or through an app) and INCLUDES:
  • 8 categories of easy to navigate compositional inspiration including: MINIMALISM, SEPARATION, POINT OF VIEW, THE CLASSICS, GESTALT PRINCIPLES, CROPPING, FRAMES + LAYERING
  • 39 rules, tools and hacks across the categories to start training your intuitive composition with intel-rich short-attention-span-friendly explainers, bite-size insights, and expert advice to get you going.
  • Contemporary street photographs illustrating each idea (made by me) to inspire you and show you why certain compositions work and how you can use them yourself!

🚀 BONUS #01  Beginner's Guide to Fishing 

  • 3 steps to the best way to start on your street photography journey using the 'Fishing' technique.

🚀 BONUS #02  Composition Checklist

  • Everything you need to ALWAYS keep in mind with links to relevant key sections of the Playbook.

🚀 BONUS #03  Cropping Guide

  • 1 fabulous one-page infographic that explains the science behind cropping for you to use in your creative compositions.
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*Lifetime access refers to the lifetime of the Department of Street Photography

SALE £17

Due to the digital nature of this product it is not returnable, therefore it is non-refundable. Purchasing this product is an acceptance of conditions of use — This product is copyrighted and restricted for personal use only. All rights reserved © 2021 Polly Rusyn / Department of Street Photography. No part of this product may be reproduced, shared, forwarded, blogged or otherwise reproduced and distributed without the express permission of the copyright owner. For permissions or licensing contact: [email protected]


⭐️ The Street Photography Playbook ⭐️

Learn how to compose your street photos with access to handy rules, tools + hacks on your mobile phone!

This is the perfect partner to The Photo Composition Playbook as it contains 49 ideas and prompts that will help train your observation so that you can approach the street with a brain full of ideas of what to photograph.

Categories include: Geometry, Colour, Shadows, Silhouettes, Graphics, Glass, Anonymous, Weather, Detail, Gestures + Things.

PLUS three free bonuses:

⭐️ BONUS #01: Deconstruction Files

⭐️ BONUS #02: Project Starter Pack

⭐️ BONUS #03: Exposure Cheatsheet

Only available at this exclusive price when you buy The Photo Composition Playbook (*audible gasp). 

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