The Street Photography Playbook


⭐️ Learn what makes a great street photo with access to insights, ideas + inspiration on your mobile phone! ⭐️

Here's a quick summary of all the awesome street photography resources you get:

🚀 The Street Photography Playbook DIGITAL version

No need to carry a physical book around or hunt for a PDF eBook that you can't remember where you filed. Your playbook is designed to be viewed on a mobile device (either via a browser or through an app) featuring...
  • 11 categories of easy to navigate idea packed inspiration including: GEOMETRY, COLOUR, SHADOWS, SILHOUETTES, GRAPHICSGLASS, ANONYMOUS, WEATHER, DETAIL, GESTURES + (recently added) THINGS
  • 49 ideas you can use as prompts across the categories to start training your observational skills with intel-rich short-attention-span-friendly explainers, bite-size insights, and pro tips and advice to get you going.
  • Contemporary street photographs illustrating each idea (made by me) to inspire you and show you one approach to making a picture, then it's over to you!

🚀 BONUS #01  Deconstruction Files 

  • 5 insightful case studies so you can see the process of working a scene via a mini 'contact sheet' and get invaluable notes about what works compositionally and what could be better.

🚀 BONUS #02  Project Starter Pack

  • awesome project ideas to kick you off and give you extra motivation as well as that all important extra focus.

🚀 BONUS #03  Exposure Cheatsheet

  • 1 fabulous one-page infographic that demystifies the pesky exposure triangle, and some of the other settings-y things that can put you off getting started.


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⭐️ The Photo Composition Playbook ⭐️

Learn how to compose your street photos with access to rules, tools + hacks on your mobile phone! 

This is the perfect partner to The Street Photography Playbook as it contains 39 composition ideas and suggestions that will help you construct your photos, and help train your eye so that overtime you'll compose pictures intuitively.

Categories include: Minimalism, Separation, Point of View, The Classics, Gestalt Principles, Frames, Layering and Cropping. 

PLUS three free bonuses:

⭐️ BONUS #01: Beginner's Guide to Fishing

⭐️ BONUS #02: Composition Checklist

⭐️ BONUS #03: Cropping Guide 

Only available at this exclusive price when you buy The Street Photography Playbook (*audible gasp). 

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