Street Photography Composition: Transform Your Photography Using Science

🚀 Master photography composition by going way beyond the boring old classic composition rules and unlocking the secrets of visual perception!

Here's a reminder of what you will learn:

📸 How to apply the Gestalt Principles to massively improve your photography
📸 The filter in your brain that can be programmed to fine-tune your observation
📸 Understand the power of your frame and how to use it wisely
📸 How using shapes and geometry play a key role in photographic composition
📸 How to take intriguing photographs with and without people


Lesson 01: Ideas, a Blueprint, and Mindset 

The Secret Formula and some mindset shifting

Lesson 02: Introduction to Gestalt Theory

Three men in white coats and the Principle of Symmetry

Lesson 03: Subject Separation and Proximity

The Gestalt Principles of Separation and Proximity, and the power of the frame

Lesson 04: Using Similarity and Repetition

A magnificent brain filter and the Gestalt Principles of Similarity and Repetition

Lesson 05: The Principle of Closure 

The magic of the triangle, and other shapes!

Lesson 06: Two-Dimensional Seeing

The Gestalt Principle of Continuity and street photography without people

Total viewing time: approx 40 minutes


📸 Full instructions will be emailed to you — but the short version is: You complete an assignment and then email 1-3 pictures to me and get constructive summary notes in return within 48 hours, to make sure you are good to go for the next assignment. 

Take this course and change your photography forever... 

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⭐️ The Street Photography Playbook ⭐️

Ideas, Inspiration, and Insights to use as Challenges, Assignments, and Prompts
11 categories of easy to navigate idea packed inspiration including: GEOMETRY, COLOUR, SHADOWS, SILHOUETTES, GRAPHICSGLASS, ANONYMOUS, WEATHER, DETAIL, GESTURES + (recently added) THINGS
49 ideas you can use as prompts across the categories to start training your observational skills with intel-rich short-attention-span-friendly explainers, bite-size insights, and pro tips and advice to get you going.

⭐️ Train your observational skills 

⭐️ Develop your creativity

⭐️ Improve your street photography

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